I Learned About Software From That

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May the Fourth be With You

We’re on our 3rd COED:CODE Meetup and the date has been set to May 4 and it will be kindly hosted by Pivotal at Bentima House near Old Street Roundabout. Join us at 6pm.

This month we’re doing more of the popular white board sessions, with gentle learning curves and community participation. Of course we’ll have lovely health snacks again, and plenty of time to meet people rather than being talked at. We’re going to try an open mic experiment because we all have useful experiences to share. So what is the theme?

I Learned About Software from That

Anne Currie and Bryan Boreham will kick off proceedings with some stories about lessons learned, and how they learned them. Our very own Gen Ashley will be compere for the evening. We hope you’ll share some experiences too.

Anne – what I learned about thread safety (why x++ doesn’t play nicely).

Bryan  – how one failure triggered multiple restarts
– each component wanted to download its data from the central store at start-up
– “thundering horde” hit the central store and total meltdown

Thundering horde sounds scary, but don’t worry Bryan definitely isn’t. Please come – we cant wait to meet you.

I Learned About Software From That

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