The first Coed:Code

Last night the first Coed:Code took place at Campus London.  We have been overwhelmed with messages of support and feedback from the event.

The aim of the Coed:Code is to provide a warm, fun and encouraging event looking at systems and infrastructure programming, designed to give diversity in tech a nudge.  More of a mixer event, rather than a conference type event, we aim to go beyond the “beer and pizza”, with tasty food, interesting drinks.

From an organisers point of view, it was a breath of fresh air to see such a diverse audience, especially at a systems programming event.

It was an honour to have Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, to open the event with stories from her experience in a typically male dominated industry.

The panel discussion was run by Anne Currie, and was an interactive session with audience participation giving insight into embarking on, sustaining and developing a career in systems programming.  Pictured below are the panel of Jenny Mulholland, Yanqing ChengSue Spence and Anne Currie, alongside one of the event organisers, James Governor.

Coed:Code panel

What happens next?

We hope to run these events regularly.  Please let us know your thoughts or comments regarding what format this could be.

  • Is this the right format?
  • Anything else you want from the events?
  • Specific things you want to discuss?
  • When should we hold the next event?
  • Do you want to speak or help?

Thank you to the sponsors for their support!

canonical Cloudsoft+Logo
Cluster HQ WeaveWorks
Pivotal Shoreditch Works


Thank you to Campus London for a wonderful venue

The first Coed:Code

2 thoughts on “The first Coed:Code

  1. Really enjoyed being part of this. Food was fab – please keep up that quality for future events if you can! I liked the interactivity of the panel format too. We could do a future event on how to get involved with open source – where to start.

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